Birth Control Use in IVF? Wait…What?

It may be surprising to hear that the birth control pill has a specific and intentional use in IVF cycles. If you are just starting IVF, this may sound counterproductive and even cruel when the end goal is pregnancy.

Birth control is often the very first step in the IVF process. Doctors prescribe it to allow your fertility team to schedule your cycle and plan accordingly, synchronize follicle growth and reduce the risk of ovarian cysts. Taking the birth control pill prevents ovulation, which means more eggs remaining in follicles waiting to be stimulated when the timing is right.

The most common type of birth control used in IVF is the monophasic birth control pill which delivers even levels of estrogen and progestin throughout the entire cycle. In most cases you must be on birth control for a minimum of 10 days before starting the next medication.

If you have had previously unsuccessful IVF cycles, your fertility team may remove the birth control as part of the process and replace it with other medications.

The team at Aphrodite Fertility will support you wherever you are in IVF and help to elucidate this often confusing, isolating process while trying to conceive through infertility treatments.